Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Menu of the Week board

Before we had kids, my husband and I discussed parenting styles and what was important to us as a family unit.  We decided (among other things) that eating together was an important activity to do as a family, for bonding, talking, sharing.  We also like to plan our meals in advance, so my husband can help with dinner  -- whether he preheats the oven or takes care of the side dishes.  We are definitely a family team. 

In order to make our weekly dinners a smooth event despite the frequent trips to school, Tae Kwan Do or the stables during the week -- we plan the weekly menu.

We had this little glass plate on a stand with a dry erase marker that I got several years ago at one of those kitchen stores.  It was a clearance item and I think I paid $2.00  for it!  We have used that for the past few years, but I don't like it getting pushed around on my already cluttered countertops.  So - enter an idea I saw on Pinterest (yup - I actually took action on a Pinterest idea!) -- a collage frame and scrapbook paper underneath - a different frame for each day of the week.  Well, I found an 8-frame collage at my local big box store and decided that it was time for a change.  I love the look and my husband was impressed of how cool it actually turned out.

Isn't that cool?  I love the way it came out and I can change the paper backgrounds to reflect the seasons or changes in decor.  The entire project cost about $12.00!

How do you make weekday mealtime easiser?


  1. I LOVE this and plan to do it eventually for our family, but in the meantime please set an extra place for wednesday and friday! ;)

  2. Umm-I think I make weekday dinners as hard as possible! I fail at planning. One day I plan on being as organized as you, but for now I start planning around 4:30 including thawing. WTH? You would've thought I'd learned by now.

  3. I see paisley!!!!

  4. Love it - Jim and I planned a month of meals once...and the calendar just came down about 6 months ago. It was a year old. We suck ;)