Monday, February 27, 2012

Outside of the Box

I don't like shower curtains.  I don't think they are functional, most of them are ugly and the ones that aren't ugly are trendy or too matchy-matchy for my decor.  I do use shower liners, but the curtain part -- that one large piece of fabric that covers the liner for decorating purposes -- I don't do them.  Instead, no one ever said that I could not use curtains -- yes, regular curtains -- tab-top or pocket, whatev -- that is what I use.  The bonus with thinking outside of the box is that your choices are diverse and usually you can find pretty decent sales on curtains -- ever clearance prices -- I'm talking DIRT CHEAP to do a bathroom re-do when you think outside of the box.

Which brings me to mention that my husband and I felt that the dull cream colored walls of the master bath made the bathroom look, well -- dingy.  I suggested painting the walls white -- to make the rooms (our master bath is 2 rooms) look brighter and to flow the cabinetry.  He was skeptical that it would work.  It is just white - said he.  No says I! White is clean, flowing, Mediterranean feeling.  The new look of the bathroom is brighter and makes me happy.  I didn't take any before pictures, but I can assure you - the new look is fabu!
 The detail on the new "shower" curtain is lovely - and simple.  My husband doesn't like anything too "girly" or flower-y. 
And I think the white complements to muted rose color trim...and my one accent piece of a faux amaryllis on a cool twig/bamboo shelf unit.

I love to re-arrange rooms and change accents.  We recently did that with our great room/den and it makes the room look huge!

I think the next re-do is going to be the master bedroom, so I will try to remember to take before/after shots.

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