Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Follow up for Wednesday's Dinner

One of my favorite comfort foods is Stuffed Peppers. I use a modified version of the one my mom made years ago that she got from this old Campbell's Soup Cookbook. I can just see the cookbook -- hard cover, sort-of spiral bound, tattered and stained. My mom, for the record -- is a horrible cook. She admits that she didn't know how to cook until my dad taught her, since he was a cook in the Army during the Korean War. Anyway -- the real recipe calls for ground beef and cooked rice with Campbell's Tomato Soup. I have modified it to use either ground beef, turkey or chicken (I've done it all) with QUINOA. You can cook them on the stovetop or use a slow cooker (which is how this batch was prepared.)
Without further ado, here goes....
I use a cup of quinoa (I found my health food store runs great sales on stuff and scored about 1 1/2 pounds of quinoa for just $4.43 -- that is a bargain!) and cooked it in 2 cups of beef broth for 15 minutes.
I then mixed the quinoa - once it was cooled to 1 pound of lean ground beef, adding minced onion, parsley and ground pepper to taste. I also take about 1/2 can of Campbell's Tomato Soup and add to the mixture.
(My photos are all askew and I have to figure out how to fix them!)
Moving on...rinse and dry the peppers, then cut off the top, saving the "ring" to use as a base in the crock pot. Make sure to remove the seeds and rind on the inside.
Stuff each pepper with the meat/quinoa mixture. Stuff 'em fat! Place in the crock pot on top of the pepper rings, then add 1 1/2 cans of tomato soup.
Slow cook those righteous things for 8 hours on low.
Serve with a salad and you have a yummy meal.


  1. I just got quinoa at the same store and was looking for a good recipe for it.

    Can't wait to make this. Thanks for sharing.

    You rock!!

  2. Looks delicious - the quinoa held up well in the crock for 8-hrs? Not too mushy or anything? Going to have to try this. For me only, as you know - the Mr. is a bit fussy! XO