Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dinner Follow Up

Hey! So, I wanted to take a pic of my fabulous meatloaf, but the family hit it before I got home (I had to stop at the store for some beef for Wednesday's dinner - Peppers stuffed with quinoa and beef).

So, the 'loaf was tasty and moist -- sweet husband cooked up some buckwheat (kasha) with chicken broth and made some delish broccoli. Daughter and I love to put pickle relish on our meatloaf -- try it sometime. I had a salad along with my meal.

I really really wanted the cukes in sour cream -- but I did not put that on the "honey do" list for dinner prep.

So -- I will post the photo journey of Peppers stuffed with quinoa and beef -- I stuffed the stuff in the crock pot....

I also have to share a beauty post because of my strange addiction to health and beauty aids....I'll get to it soon.

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